May 3, 2018

Thank you so much for the wonderful music on Saturday night 31st May our guests were so delighted with your performance and the music selection from both yourselves and the Dj. We had a perfect day and Perfect Day truly added to our special day. The band sounded so brilliant, the sound engineer had the volume Perfect to, I didn’t hear anyone complaining about it been to loud, which I usually hear at weddings from people not interested in dancing. The duty manager was telling me on the next day that some guests in bar heard your performance and were enquiry about the band name because they were so impressed. Everyone so enjoyed the way you incorporated the two children Abbie and Ben into your performance, it so much added to the day. Ben got a nice surprise seeing his pictures on your Facebook page. Thank you all again for a wonderful performance and learning our first dance song. We are still receiving compliments on the on the Band and Dj.